What Are The Best Nursing Schools?

Goodwin College

1 Riverside Drive , East Hartford, CT 06118, (860) 528-4111

Originally founded in 1962 as a business school, Goodwin College has gone through an impressive evolution as a place of learning which has led to it offering BA and BS programs of study today. For students who wish to study nursing Goodwin College offers a couple of options.

Nursing Programs

Associate Degree in Nursing

The nursing profession always needs highly educated and highly motivated professional Registered Nurses and in order to help meet this need Goodwin College provides a two year long Associate Degree in Nursing program. The curriculum has been designed for students with no previous nursing background to work towards an entry level role as a qualified registered nurse providing health care to a wide population within the community.

The early levels of the program have been designed to prepare students with a foundation of relevant general learning and introduction to nursing concepts, sciences and theories and when this level has been successfully completed the student will be exposed to advanced nursing concepts while still maintaining a level of relevant general education. The program is taught via three different methods, the first of which is classroom based learning with the student is provided with lectures and seminars delivered by qualified and committed faculty members. The classroom learning is supplemented access to interactive nursing laboratory, where they are provided with the opportunity to put the theory into practice by using highly advanced and realistic patient simulators. Students will also have access to specialist nursing software that will help them evaluate and analyze the procedures that they have learned.

Students are provided with a number of concurrent clinical experiences which gives them an excellent insight into the realities of working as a nursing professional. These are provided in conjunction with the College and a number of healthcare settings and give students the opportunity to experience nursing healthcare first-hand. The experiences are designed in such a way that students are exposed to a broad range of settings and this can mean they will have to attend at weekends or in evenings. Students will work alongside experienced professional nursing staff within hospitals, clinics, care homes and other nursing environments. The experiences are arranged on a learning needs basis and in order to be as holistic as possible students will be required to attend them in a fashion that mirrors the working hours of qualified nurses and this means that evening and weekend attendance will be required.

This balance combination of theory, clinical experience and practice enables the students with the skills, experiences and education that will prepare them to take on the role delivery of safe, ethical, appropriate direct nursing healthcare to a wide range of multicultural patients throughout their lifespan.

Upon successful completion of the Associate Degree in Nursing program students are eligible to write the NCLEX-RN examination (successfully passing this exam awards the student with the license to practice as a registered nurse).

RN-BSN Completion Program

Goodwin College provides qualified Registered nurses who have current, valid RN licensure a program that allows them to complete their education in order to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing qualification. The course is flexible in some ways and the duration is dependent on the students' needs and whether they can take it as a part-time or full-time option.

The Nursing program available through Goodwin College is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission

Gulf Coast Community College

4800 Magnolia Avenue, Gulf Coast, CA 92506 , (951) 222-8000

Originally established in 1957 and with a student body of over 6000 Gulf Coast Community College provides a number of programs for individuals who wish to study nursing.

Nursing Programs Associate of Science Degree

For individuals who wish to study towards ending a qualification that will enable them to deliver direct healthcare as a registered nurse Gulf Coast Community College offers an Associate of Science Degree program. This program has been designed to provide students with the skillsets, experiences, attitude and knowledge that they will need as a professional healthcare provider. The program curriculum is designed in order to impart an appropriate level of general education, and an introduction to nursing during the early semesters and as the program advances so too does the student's level of education. Students on the ADN program are provided with a holistic overview of the theories and sciences of nursing. The program also recognizes that nursing is also an art and as such integrates liberal arts educational concepts throughout the curriculum.

Students are taught via a balanced mixture of classroom teaching, practice nursing laboratory, and clinical experiences. These diverse teaching methods all serve to complement each other and provide the broadest level of nursing education possible. Within the classroom students are given lectures and attend tutorials that teach the fundamental core principles of nursing. Within the classroom students also become educated concerning the logistics of nursing and from this foundation of education they can practice their newfound knowledge and skills within advanced nursing labs. Within these labs students are given access to specialist nursing software and patient simulators which they can use to practice procedures on.

The lab sessions are overseen by experienced and motivated faculty members and as valuable parts of the nursing education. The program also offers clinical experiences which take place within a variety of healthcare environments (such as clinics and hospitals). These experiences are invaluable and necessary parts of the education as they give the student an overview and opportunity to see exactly what the provision of nursing healthcare entails within a real setting. During these experiences students will be exposed to the many challenges faced by professional nurses and will be given the opportunity to work alongside qualified professionals. The clinical experience component of the program is designed specifically to give students as broad and wide a range of experiences as possible. This means students will be asked to attend their placements at weekends and on evenings and as they are arranged on an educational need basis they can sometimes be a considerable distance from where the student lives.

Once the student has successfully passed the ADN program they are subsequently eligible to set the NCLEX -RN exam which will allow them to keep license as a registered nurse.

Students who already have a Practical Nursing qualification who wish to subsequently continue education and transition towards the role of a Registered Nurse Gulf Coast Community College has two tracks that allow this. One of these is a traditional campus led program of study while the other is a weekend course.

The Associate of Science Degree Program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Practical Nursing

Gulf Coast Community College also provides an educational program for students who wish to become a Practical Nurse. This year long educational program is designed to teach students the basics of nursing and upon successful completion gives them eligibility to set the NCLEX - PN licensure exam. This course is designed for students who wish to enter nursing at less involved, but no less important level. It also serves as an ideal foundation for students who may wish to continue their career by expanding the knowledge.

Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Program

For individuals who wish to enter the health care service but arte perhaps under qualified to study nursing Gulf Coast Community College offers a hybrid educational option for students to work towards their certification in Nursing Assistant. The program teaches the values and skills required to provide successful care as a Nursing Assistant. The program is four months long and available as a part time study option.

Colby Community College

1255 South Range, Colby, KS, (785) 462-3984 Nursing Program Associate Degree in Nursing

This program has been designed to prepare students with the skills, knowledge and experience that will enable them to provide care within health care agencies as a registered nurse. The Colby Community College ADN program also provides options for applicants who already have nursing education and who wish to progress their careers.

The program has been designed to provide candidates with the range of skills, knowledge and experience required to become a registered nurse where they will be enabled to provide excellent levels of health care to a range of patients.

The program seeks to enable graduates with the ability to assess the health care needs of patients on an individual basis while being aware of their cultural, social and other unique requirements and from this assessment provide appropriate care.

The program is taught via classroom, student lab practice and clinical experiences gained through placement within a range of health care delivery settings. These placements are invaluable parts of the program as they expose the students to real health care within the community. These are arranged by educational needs rather than geographical ones and students can expect to have to commute, and as they cover the range of clinical experiences these will sometimes take place outside 'normal' college hours (evenings and weekends). Critical thinking and the ability to creatively address any challenges that can arise within clinical settings is something that the Colby Community College ADN Program is aware of and the enhancement of cognitive thinking and skills is something that is focused upon through the curriculum.

The ADN is designed to prepare graduates with all they need to enable them to both provide and manage excellent nursing care to patients within a variety of settings as registered nurses.

Applicants are required to complete a number of prerequisites and once these have been successfully completed the students enter the two academic year long program. Students are eligible to write the NCLEX-RN licensing examination upon satisfactory completion of the nursing program.

Practical Nurse

This one-year long program is designed to give students the skills, knowledge and experience they require to enter the nursing profession as a Practical Nurse. They will be prepared for a career that will see them delivering bed side nursing care to a range of clients within a variety of health care settings. Colby Community College also recognizes that nursing is a profession that will foster an ambition to continue learning within individuals and the LVN course acts as a solid foundation for those who wish to continue their learning within the nursing profession. Upon successful completion of the program students will have the background and eligibility to write the NCLEX-PN examination which will enable them to find meaningful employment as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

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